Szemes és Fia Kft.

9700 Szombathely,
Szent Flórián u. 2.

Phone: 06-94/510-813
Mobil: 06-20/9377-502

What we do

In the field of public planning

Preparatory works:
- Geodesy measures,
- Preparation of state record planning

- Project proposals,
- Preparation of Tender Plans,
- Preparation of economic tests.

Licence and Executional Plans
- Principal Plans for obtaining licence of water structures,
- Feasibility Studies,
- Plans for obtaining licence of water structures,
- Executional Plans, preparation of manufacturing and partial plans,
- Operational and maintenance instructions in the field of professional planning

Works Planning Management:
- In all phases of the execution.

- Plans for execution and location,
- Plans for obtaining operation licence of water structures

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